Sunday, 25 September 2011

Appreciation Pic

Thanks for this Michelle! So glad you love the much-missed cats and hearts sweater

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Feature: Bite Magazine, Oct 2011 issue, UK

Runaround Sue Vintage
US-based but with many items sourced from Edinburgh’s own charity shop scene, Runaround Sue Vintage is an online boutique stocking over 400 unique items of clothing, sewing patterns and accessories, including some spiffing vintage aprons. Choose from sheer to frilly to gingham to polka dots to full-on pinafores. Brilliant little historic works of art. (Bite Magazine, Oct 2011, Edinburgh UK)

Feature: Fashion Forestry

In case you missed it, check out this amazingly colorful shoot of fashion blogger Nicole Eymard wearing a Runaround Sue sailor gal top and running around Japan town San Fran, CA looking awesome. Love love love it.

Feature: Miss Amber Apple

Take a look at the Runaround Sue spotlight on, and at Miss AA's own Runaround Sue appreciation pic: a demo of pin curls in a Runaround Sue top - see it here


Appreciation Pic!

This is Rachael, in a Runaround Sue Vintage top. Way to style it up with a red beaded necklace, jeans, belt, cardi. Looks great, thanks Rach!