Sunday, 31 March 2013


Granny's goodies 6

This sundress also sports paint splatters plus a repaired button. I wonder often about the days she spent in this dress. I picture her painting and sewing and sitting on the front porch and tending her garden. Love.♥

Granny's goodies 6

What a favorite. This was grandmama's sundress worn very often judging from the damage. The best part is the sea foam green paint splatters all over that's the color of her front porch glider. I love this "flaw." So special ♥

Granny's goodies 5

A vintage sundress of grandmama's I look forward to sporting all of summer 2013♥

Granny's goodies 4

I love these colors - so vibrant and knowing grandmama wore this helps me get to know the woman she was. I also adore these bright, almost neon-like shades with a softer color like this beige belt♥

Granny's goodies 3

My absolute fave dress of grandmama's. I wore this on a special occasion with a vintage teal hat. Perfection!

Granny's goodies 2

Another dress of my grandmother's. I think it's so sweet

Grannies are great

So after living in Scotland since 2005, then moving directly to a fully furnished house in Charleston late fall of 2011, I am finally in my own place. This means that after years and years of trying not to acquire "things" and not really decorating with anything but postcards and scarves, I get to have MY stuff and make MY space look and feel like ME. I am going to blog about that a little. Because the stuff I'm reuniting with and even more I'm beginning to acquire from my family is blowing my mind. I gotta let it out and well, show it off. It's all such beautiful stuff. You will appreciate what I want to show you, friends♥

I got my old furniture out of storage last month and am now basking in the glory of my perfect couch. The old guy was bought brand new, in 1996. My daddy came to my apartment when I was 19 and fresh from an argument with my roommate, who then moved out. I offered him a coffee and we sat on my steps to drink it. There was no where else to sit. He took me shopping for a couch, and coming from a family where we all pay our own way the best we can, I assumed I was putting this on a payment plan - daddy had a different plan. He bought my perfect couch, my perfect chair and ottoman, and wouldn't accept a cent. I lost my daddy in 2005 and although my furniture has always been perfect (ask anyone - my nephew will literally fight to sleep on it over a bed), it's especially sentimental to me now. It has not only been everywhere but Scotland with me, it is also something special my daddy did for me. These pieces will always be with me.

I got my old dishes back - my granny's, that is (my mother's mother). I also have my dad's parents' old TV, bedroom suite, lamp, clothes, and more. I have more of my grandparents' stuff - both sets of grandparents - than my own. I feel that nothing bad can touch me when surrounded by them. It makes my heart swell♥ The following are images of my newly acquired things, including grandmama's clothes, which I wear almost every day now!

More dresses pics to come!

Lowcountry Artist Market in two weeks!

Spring-cleaning sale!