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Rattle: The Traveling Wilburys Tribute Show

Celebrate the music of both the legendary supergroup as well as the individual talents of Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Jeff Lynne on Saturday December 14th at 8pm.

Local acts performing their songs include but are not limited to Scott Dence, Brett Nash, Lindsey Holler, Laura Jane Vincent, Kevin Hanley, Tim Edgar, Danny Infinger, Marshall Hudson, Matthew Walker, Jessie Parks, Jessa Vaughan, Lesley Carroll and the Tin Roof Family Band!

$5 a pop door proceeds will benefit the Philippine Red Cross.

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013



Sunday, 21 July 2013

Runaround Sue Vintage Fashion Show 2013, Tin Roof, Charleston

The video has officially been released from the good hands of  my dear friend Chip. Enjoy!

See what's new at Runaround Sue

See what's new at Runaround Sue. New items just added plus more items moved to the Clearance $5 and $10 section!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Deal of the Moment

There's usually a good deal happening at Runaround Sue. If you can't keep track, just go to the blog and click on Deal of the Moment to get the latest scoop♥

Press: Popup Shop News

Local Charleston news source, Holy City Sinner, got wind of the SpaceCraft Studios anniversary party popup!

If you haven't checked the site out before, you should. It's got the news many others do not♥

Hope to see you at the Popup Shop on August 24th:

Monday, 8 July 2013

New section: The 5 and 10 Clearance Rack!

Stop into the vintage clearance aisle now for a look at the new Clearance section where everything is either $5 or $10! New items to be added continuously as I try to get on out with the old and in with the new! Lots of new stock itchin' to get listed as soon as I can clear out. Help me! ♥, Kelly Rae 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

See what's new at Runaround Sue

So much new stock! Lots of new listings up now and more to come every day. I'm gonna be a busy bee. Can't wait for y'all to see the awesome new finds♥

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Press: Runaround Sue to join SpaceCraft for anniversary party in August

Check it - The Charleston City Paper was great enough to write a feature on lil ol' us for their blog. 

Runaround Sue Vintage’s online boutique will be joining Spacecraft Studio’s one-year anniversary celebration on Aug. 24 by setting up a pop-up shop on site from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The store’s one-of-a-kind clothing, hats, scarves, and more will be on sale at the studio, along with other Spacecraft treats.
  • Courtesy of Runaround Sue Vintage
Runaround Sue Vintage’s owner and operator (and CP contributor) Kelly Rae Smith graduated from College of Charleston, but spent six years in Scotland working both as a journalist and for another vintage shop. She started her own vintage collection abroad, and began selling some of her Scottish treasures when she came back to the States. That turned into raiding thrift stores across the Southeast.
“I’ve been wearing and loving vintage for a good, long while," Smith says. "I love the history behind the garments, the cigarette holes, the flaws. All of those things have great stories behind them, and I enjoy imagining where an item has been. That’s why my tagline is ‘clothes with stories to tell.’”
Local textiles artist, musician, and seamstress Camela Guevara will be joining Runaround Sue Vintage at the Spacecraft event to tailor garments onsite. There will also be refreshments and music all day and night.
And for $1, attendees will be able to make their own buttons using either Spacecraft’s button maker or their own designs. The crafting studio will have other surprises on hand as well.
After the pop-up shop closes down, SpaceCraft will continue the celebration with an evening soiree from 7 to 10 p.m. There will be more details unfolding as the event draws nearer — check the Facebook event page to stay updated.

See the article online here

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Press: August Popup News in ArtMag

Charleston's ArtMag was kind enough to post my press release on their website. You can have a looksie here.

I guess I should also share some sort of interesting pic, too. OK, so this is DON. The cutest guy in the world. Enjoy:

Event: All Shook Up: An Elvis Presley Tribute Showdown

Join us for the King’s death anniversary this August 16th @7pm at the Tin Roof, Charleston to celebrate the life of a beautiful man who dared to shake his pelvis, the man who didn’t even love bacon as much as his mama.

Songs that Elvis made his own will be performed by a star-studded cast of Charleston music royalty, including members of Royal Tinfoil, Sans Jose, Mechanical River and Elim Bolt.

The lineup:

Lesley Carroll
Lily Slay
Mackie Boles
Joel Hamilton
Johnnie Matthews
Jordan Igoe
Lindsay Holler
Tim Edgar
Kevin Hanley
Ballard Lesemann
Danny Infinger and Jessa Vaughan
Brett Nash
Jim Faust
Justin Allen
and more...

♠ Big Heavy (Mark Hudgins) will MC the eve and hilarity will surely ensue

♠ Dress dramatically for the night in anything from Hawaiian shirts to bedazzled bell-bottoms to gaudy gold glasses

There will also be:

AN ACTUAL PELVIS OFF, so get to watching Ed Sullivan reruns and give us some good gyrations

LIVE POMPADOUR STYLINGS from the smokin’ hot ladies of Lava Salon

PHOTO OPPS with a life-size Elvis and the official Elvis Eve Photog, Bob the Boss

ELVIS DRINK SPECIALS involving bananas and inevitably peanut butter

PREPARTY Elvis movie viewing: Viva Las Vegas @7pm

$5 at the door. Door proceeds to go to a local charity (to be determined).

For more details contact Kelly Rae Smith at shopatrunaroundsue (at)
Runaround Sue Vintage Events

Monday, 24 June 2013

Event: August Vintage Popup Shop at Spacecraft Studios

Runaround Sue Vintage is pleased to announce the online boutique has been invited to join Spacecraft Studio’s one-year anniversary celebration this August 24th by setting up a popup shop on the premises from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Runaround Sue Vintage clothing, hats, jewelry, aprons, scarves, and more will be available for purchase all day at Spacecraft Studios in Avondaleright behind Papa Murphy’s Pizza.

Perusers can buy vintage buttons ($1 a pop) constructed using Spacecraft’s 1” button maker and cutouts from vintage magazines and sewing patterns. Guests will also have the opportunity to make their own buttons from either onsite materials or paper designs they’ve brought in themselves.

Local Charleston artist and seamstress Camela Guevara will join in as our Seamstress Onsite to tailor a Runaround Sue Vintage find to desired measurements. Guevara will be customizing/sewing up a storm from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Spacecraft will also host an evening soiree from 7-10 p.m. after the popup shop has closed down. The craft studio will be open 11 a.m. -5.30 p.m. for anyone who wants to pop in and purchase a Spacecraft gift card or something from the studio’s own boutique.

Refreshment, music, and craftiness will be abundant all day and night! More details will unfold as the event nears. Stay informed via Facebook at

  • Runaround Sue Vintage Boutique is an online Etsy shop selling clothes with stories to tell. It is owned and operated by Kelly Rae Smith, also a Charleston-based freelance writer. Contact Kelly Rae Smith on

  • Owned by Allison Merrick, Spacecraft Studios is a crafting workshop, classroom, and handmade boutique equipped with expert instruction and every crafting tool one could fathom, including a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D printer. Spacecraft was a Critic’s Pick for Best Place to Get Crafty in the Charleston City Paper’s Best of 2013 issue and is located at 8 Avondale Avenue, Charleston, SC 29407.
    (843) 284-6253
  • Camela Guevara is a local Charleston textiles artist (Redux Contemporary Art Center), musician (The Local Honeys), and seamstress (Charleston Garment Manufactory). Guevara is a regular guest instructor at Spacecraft for classes like modern hand embroidery and Sewing 101. She most recently taught a beginner’s watercolors workshop for adults via the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Featured: It's Not Her, It's Me.

Check out Runaround Sue Vintage in this super amazing fashion blog by It's Not Her, It's Me.
That cute polka dot bag is none other than a sweet find from Runaround Sue:) Thanks, Toshika. You look fabulous.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

EVENT UPDATE: June Popup Shop at SpaceCraft Studios, Avondale, Charleston, SC moved to AUGUST

Hi all!

This event scheduled for this Saturday has been RESCHEDULED for August 24th 11-5!

The new date will coincide with Spacecraft Studio's 1-year anniversary celebration.

Please mark your calendars! Hope you can make it, and let us know if you can here.

Kelly Rae

Shop Announcement: Roadtrip!

OUT OF TOWN announcement: I'll be away from the shop May 26 to June 5. All orders purchased during those dates will not be posted until June 6, 2013. I apologize for any inconvenience and promise that this very cool roadtrip I'm doing from SC to WI and back will result in some great vintage gems for you to peruse on my return! Stay tuned to my travel finds and roadtrip shenanigans on Twitter (runaroundsuevtg), Instagram (runaroundsuevintage), and Vine (RunaroundSue Vintage) ♥ 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Featured: Inspired by Runaround Sue Vintage

Scotland-based short story site, Shortbread, featured a story by a writer inspired by a Runaround Sue Vintage piece. Read it below or on the website here.

Every once in a while a girl that comes along that outshines every other girl you've ever met and every other girl you'll ever meet. Looking back I don't know if I really loved Sue, or if I just thought I did. Loving her was like trying to keep hold of a fistful of sand.

Every Saturday night there was a dance at the college hall. Everybody went. Girls spent the whole day getting ready and boys spent the whole day hanging around town showing off their cars to the girls coming out of the beauty parlours. They'd holler and laugh and tease the girls in the hope that they'd catch a date to the dance. Me? I went to the dance to watch Sue.

I'd lay money on the fact that every guy around the room was watching Sue. She didn't just dance, she twirled around the dance floor like it belonged to her. I think even her girlfriends fell in love with her; they all wanted a bit of what she had. She'd look around the room and she'd smile at you and she'd laugh with her friends. You worried she was laughing at you. You hoped she was laughing at you – it meant that she had noticed you.

I took Maggie to the dance most weekends. Maggie was my neighbour, I'd known her since I was six. She didn't have a boyfriend, she said she had trouble finding one she liked much, so I took her, we were going to the same place, after all. Maggie said Sue was a crazy girl, she said you never knew where you were with that girl and I was best not watching her like that. She said Sue'd give me the runaround. I laughed and told her to go dance with some of these boys around the room so that they stopped watching Sue. Maggie looked at me funny when I said that, and she didn't say much else to me that night.

Every week Sue's hair would be different. Sometimes she had it red and it fanned around her face like a fireball. Sometimes it was blonde and pulled up tight in a ponytail. She liked to swish it around as she danced. She twisted and whirled so fast sometimes I'd get dizzy just watching. Her eyes were electric blue and she'd look up at you and in that moment, you and her were the only people in the room. She'd smile at you and your heart would beat like a drum and you didn't want the music to end. One time Maggie said you're too good for that girl why don't you find yourself a nice girl, huh? I said I'd found myself a girl and that one day I was going to have her. I don't think Maggie liked that too much, but I swear I wanted Sue more than any man in that room.

It took me a year to get a dance with Sue. I heard her and Jake had split, so I just went right on up and asked her. "Sure, Ted," she said, just like that. "Pick me up at 8.30." And that was it, she went back to her friends and I forgot how to breathe. I wanted to tell the world, that Sue, why she's coming with me to the dance. One the day of the dance I hovered like a fly over my mother as she pressed my shirt, I kept changing tie, I couldn't tie up my shoelaces. My mother looked me in the eye and said you be careful, now.

Course, the thing about a beautiful girl is that even when you've got her you drive yourself crazy trying to keep her. I borrowed Uncle Jim's Mustang to pick her up, I must have spent five hours cleaning and polishing it until it was beautiful. Then I went to pick up Sue, she was a knockout. She was wearing this kind of explosion of colour, it was pink and orange, I think. It made her eyes stand out. I remember the sleeves, though, they were kind of see through, those sleeves wrapped themselves around her arms so tight like they weren't letting go of her anytime soon.

I danced with her that Saturday night like my life depended on it. She wanted a drink I got her a drink. I watched when she danced with her friends though what I really wanted to do was grab her and dance with her again to the next tune and the next one and the one after that. She said: "I like your car, Ted, pick me up next week and we'll go bowling." I picked her up every Saturday night for six months. Every day that passed in-between was like being strung up and left to die. I dreamt about her in the day. I dreamt about her at night. My college tutor rang my mother to tell her I was cruising down in my grades and was everything ok. My mother tried talking to me but the truth is I just didn't care. Maggie said she hardly knew me any more, but then, I hadn't been seeing her much either. She'd come over but I'd be busy shining up my Uncle's car or trying to think up some way to see Sue before the week was out.

One Saturday I showed up at Sue's place to take her to the dance and she wasn't there. "Oh hi, Ted," said her mother. They had the same electric blue eyes. 'She's gone on with Jessie tonight. You just missed them, I'm surprised you did, she laughed, 'cause you can't miss him in his new Cadillac!" Just like that, Sue wasn't there. I stood there like an idiot until her mother asked me did I want to sit down and have a drink and that she was sorry, she didn't mean to upset me she was sorry Sue was gone. But I couldn't speak, I just turned and ran back to the car and I drove so fast that folks yelled and cars beeped. I parked up at the college hall I was gonna drag Jessie out and beat him to hell. But I couldn't stop crying and I couldn't have nobody see me that way. Someone must have seen me though, cos next thing I saw Maggie coming out of the hall and she ran over to me, I don't know what she said, I know I had to get out of there so I rammed down on the gas and I drove that Mustang faster than it was meant to go.

In the hospital my uncle said I was a damned fool and I was lucky I didn't kill myself. My mother said she knew that girl was nothing but trouble, she'd done nothing but give me the runaround and did I know I'd probably spend the rest of my life paying back my uncle for that Mustang. Maggie came every day and brought me stuff and told me about stuff at college.

I got better, I went back to college. Sue split with Jessie and went out with Angelo. After that I didn't keep track. Later, I wondered how many other men Sue's mother had had to send away from the door with that look of pity on her face. I married Maggie, turns out she was the girl for me. She didn't care if I had a car or not, if it was a Mustang or a beaten up Chevy. I had a girl of my own, she grew into a fine woman. She likes pretty clothes. She came home the other day from town with a knockout top: pink and orange, see through sleeves, says she wants to dance on Saturday night.

Why not leave a comment abou

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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Event: Fashion Show 2013 pics!

Thanks to all who came out to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! My friends make gorgeous models, don't they? Here's some of the evidence♥

Event: Lowcountry Artist Market was fun!

It was super special to meet so many of you for the first time! Thanks for following in Facebook and Twitter and for coming out to introduce yourself and show your much appreciated support. hugs!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Event: Buttons: Want one?

Want one of these awesome buttons? Come see me in two weeks at the Lowcountry Artist Market. I made lots of buttons from vintage magazines and sewing patterns at SpaceCraft Studios recently that will be for sale at the market on April 13, OR spend $20 or more on the other vintage goods that day and you'll get one for free! ♥

Sunday, 31 March 2013


Granny's goodies 6

This sundress also sports paint splatters plus a repaired button. I wonder often about the days she spent in this dress. I picture her painting and sewing and sitting on the front porch and tending her garden. Love.♥

Granny's goodies 6

What a favorite. This was grandmama's sundress worn very often judging from the damage. The best part is the sea foam green paint splatters all over that's the color of her front porch glider. I love this "flaw." So special ♥

Granny's goodies 5

A vintage sundress of grandmama's I look forward to sporting all of summer 2013♥

Granny's goodies 4

I love these colors - so vibrant and knowing grandmama wore this helps me get to know the woman she was. I also adore these bright, almost neon-like shades with a softer color like this beige belt♥

Granny's goodies 3

My absolute fave dress of grandmama's. I wore this on a special occasion with a vintage teal hat. Perfection!

Granny's goodies 2

Another dress of my grandmother's. I think it's so sweet