Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Creative Live Post: DIY Pennant Banner from Vintage Scraps + more uses for vintage fabric

Here's my latest contribution for the super cool blog at Creative Live. Enjoy!
As a vintage shop owner and an avid crafter, you can imagine how many bags of vintage scraps I’ve accumulated. If I find a beautiful dress in utter disrepair, I try to find a way to make its incredible fabric last by using scraps as gift wrap or making a pennant banner, for instance.
diy pennant banner
With this banner (or “bunting,” as it’s called in the U.K.), nearly 100 percent of the scraps came from my grandmama’s dresses. I inherited a bunch of ‘60s numbers that were too long and baggy—but the fabrics were all incredible, whimsical patterns worth celebrating—so I turned them into fun mini dresses and kept the scraps. Not long after that, I decided to use the scraps to make a fun pennant banner for a friend’s wedding. It was a hit and is now hanging between my kitchen and dining room looking mighty festive. I bet grandmama would get such a kick out of how I’m bringing her goods back to life. Just imagining the history behind vintage fabric makes me savor it even more.
A pennant banner is super easy to make, but it is quite time consuming. You’ll be spending most of your time cutting triangles, but it can also be therapeutic. Put on your favorite Pandora station, step away from the computer and enjoy a few hours of honest-to-goodness crafting.
diy bunting
Here’s what you need:
Card paper
Good scissors
Glue gun
Measuring tape
Fabric scraps
First, gather your scraps. Keep a lookout for cool vintage fabrics at thrift stores. Even if that fabric is on a dress that doesn’t fit, remember you can still take a pair of scissors to it.
diy pennant banner tutorial
Decide how big you want your triangles to be, draw it on the card paper and cut it out. This will be your template for all of them.
diy bunting
When cutting the triangles, remember you can mix and match to your heart’s desire. I liked having the same fabric to glue back to back, and it’s also easier to cut two of the same fabric at the same time. I cut most of mine from the seam, which allowed me to simply fold them over when gluing the edges together. Once you have however many triangles you want, ready the twine, measuring tape and the glue gun.
 diy bunting
Line the non-pointed edge with hot glue
diy pennant banner
Quickly and neatly, place the twine on top of the hot glue. Don’t cut the twine from the spool until the end.
diy pennant
Place the matching triangle on top and press down for a few seconds to secure it. Measure the distance between the first triangle and the next one you’ll do, and be sure to keep measuring each time to ensure the distances are all equal.
 diy pennant
Repeat until you have the banner length you want. Hang it up and above a window, an archway, along a wall or at a wedding! Remember, these are good gifts to give, as well. You can also make pennant banners really easily out of paper. I did one for a baby shower once using a vintage children’s storybook.
Want more?
OK! Here are 4 more simple ways to upcycle vintage scraps
Gift wrap:
how to use vintage scraps
Gift tie – I always wrap my shop orders in tissue paper and tie it with a vintage scrap of some sort.
ways to use vintage scraps
diy scraps
Card inserts:
diy scraps
Look out for my next blog about ideas for repurposing vintage scarves, including how to make a scarf corsage!

Monday, 31 March 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Lately, I am obsessed with vintage Mexican finds. From handpainted circle skirts to full-circle dresses too, it's all too pretty to be true. Seriously: these babies are unrivaled works of art. What could compare to intricately illustrated scenes complete with sequins and bursting with color?

A peruse on eBay has me yearning for a lottery win (these vintage beauties are understandably pricey) or a road trip to the Southwest and Mexico to empty every thrift store in sight. *sigh* 

Until then, you can daydream with me. Here's a collection of beautiful vintage Mexican finds that will inspire your Cinco de Mayo attire. It's over a month away but to find the best, you gotta look now! 

Here are some fun vintage Mexican/Southwestern finds I've had in the shop in the past. Hope this inspires your digs over the next few weeks♥kel rae

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

OOTD: Sky blue and white vintage 60s mini dress with TULIPS? Yes, please.

This Outfit of the Day is brought to you by my grandmother. I have taken quite a few of her old '60s dresses that were formerly really big and shapeless and cut them off to be sassy little mini dresses. I inherited a ton of her vintage clothing, as she never threw a thing away. I'm keeping a ton of it but I have to let go of some, too.

This sky blue and white tulips detail is just one example of the many whimsical patterns, palettes, and textures my grandmother was apparently known to wear. I never knew this side of her, and so I feel that the deeper I have emerged into her wardrobe, the more I have gotten to know her. This is one of the many reasons for my vintage obsession. 

So back to the outfit: White mini '60s dress with blue tulip pattern throughout + a matching short-sleeved overshirt in opposite coloring. I also added some extra color with a two-toned green vintage costume necklace that I adore. 

Pair with some black tights for a very Twiggy look, or if it's hot in your neck of the woods, a fun vintage straw hat will add a lot of Spring to the look. 

 I threw in some sweet white gloves that are not vintage but look it all the same, and they give it a great touch for nighttime shenanigans. The dress will be up on Etsy here soon and you can snag that purse for yourself right now if you fancy! 

What's your favorite component of this ensemble? 

EVENT: We're coming to the Lowcountry Artist Market this Spring!

My favorite time of the season is always when I get to set up shop at the Lowcountry Artist Market! The Music Farm will be filled to the brim on Saturday, April 26 with local makers and such, and it's truly an honor to be surrounded by so much amazing talent. I'll be selling vintage plus some vintage crafts including buttons I made at SpaceCraft Studios from vintage sewing patterns and 1960s magazines. SpaceCraft will also be set up on the small balcony at the Farm so stop by and pay Allison a visit, too. The bar will be open for business so plan to sip while you shop, and if you're hungry you can count on a food truck to be onsite too. I DO take credit cards:) 

Hope to see y'all there♥

Friday, 21 March 2014

Outfit of the Day: Neutral Plus a Pop of Turquoise

#OOTD: I'm getting on that train, y'all. Look for an outfit of the day a lot in the coming days and weeks and forever, we hope, right?

Neutral Plus a Pop of Turquoise
Spring finally sprang, y'all! I love this time of year, when it's time to phase out the winter clothes and let the summer wardrobe gradually take over. Sandals for boots, skirts for jeans, tank tops for sweaters. It's not that I hate winter; I actually love it. It's the change of season that's always euphoric. Come September, I'll be just as comforted by the return to blue jeans and black tights as I am about the onset of Spring attire.

As for these threads, I think they're perfect for this time of year. The air is too cool to bring on the pastels and flip flops, so let's sprinkle in the Spring with a pair of vibrant shorts and a lightweight top with calmer coloring.

This neutral shirt is a big, baggy sack of cute comfort. I love the buttoned-up half sleeves and the splash of turquoise stripes throughout, which makes it perfect for these shorts of that same shade.

Like Victoria Beckham (and surely lots of others) said: Either you show off your legs, or you show off your cleavage, but never both. So to make this big shirt chic, I paired it with these awesome '80s shorts. Rolled up, they're the perfect complement to the bigger top.

Top tip: If you're even slightly adventurous, a vintage hat takes any outfit to the next level.

I decided to throw in a tasseled vintage 80s purse, too, plus these sweet Sebagos that need no commentary—they hold pennies. Enough said. Oh, except this: some simple socks that you can turn down/fold over would be rockin' with this ensemble♥

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Gallery: Fashion show pics have arrived!

Friday, 28 February 2014

Flash Sale: 50% off

Incoming: Tons of Ties

I stumbled upon over 40 gorgeous 1960s clip-on ties in mint condition, and I'm excited to bring them to you this week! As featured in our recent fashion show, these lovelies look darling worn by ladies, too. Pair one with rolled-up shorts, tights, a plain blouse, and a vintage hat for a fun and feminine but androgynous look, or clip onto the front of a mod shift dress. Mix and match, clash patterns, and get playful with it. And of course, they're especially handsome on guys. Duh♥

Video: 3rd Annual Runaround Sue Vintage Fashion Show

Whether you want to relive the magic or experience it for the first time, lucky for you the generous Bob Ailstock captured it all on film. View it here, and stay tuned this weekend for lots of photos from the show, too♥

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

3rd Annual Runaround Sue Vintage Charity Fashion Show

Runaround Sue Vintage will host its third annual charity vintage fashion show on Sunday, February 16,

2013 at the Tin Roof, Charleston, SC. Proceeds will once again benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma

Society. The lovely ladies of Lava Salon will style the models’ hair and makeup. Comedian Jeremy

McClellan will emcee the evening. Autobahn Food Truck will cater to appetites all night in the parking


Kicking off at 8 p.m., the first 50 early birds through the door will get a goody bag filled with gift cards and

knickknacks from Charleston’s creative community and local businesses including Simply Becoming

Designs, Ambrosia Star Designs, Luck Puppy Truck, fkvintage, Consigning Women, and

Spacecraft Studios. Plus raffle prizes will be given away from local businesses including Al di La,

Masseuse Eden Fonvielle, The Flying Travelier, D’Allesandro’s Pizza, Elliotborough Mini Bar,

Roses and Ruins Tattoo Artist Betsy Gafgen, the Green Goat, Hello My Name is BBQ, and, of

course, Runaround Sue Vintage. There will also be a live auction for a one­week stay at a Surfside, SC

beach house. All proceeds will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Candle­filled mason jars will light the runway at 9 p.m. sharp, and the catwalk show will last for roughly

ten minutes. Models will wear vintage fashions scanning several eras while loud retro dance tunes

complement every step. Clothes modeled will be for sale onstage after the show.

Fashions modeled will range from 60s mod to retro country to 60s housecoats and lingerie and more. Look

to the runway for bow ties handmade from vintage fabrics by Jake Simpson, vintage jewels from Simply

Becoming Designs, and various inherited pieces from the models’ loved ones that will be incorporated

into the show as a reminder that the nostalgia, sentiment, and countless stories a vintage gem can summon

are the reasons that this type of clothing and jewelry are so special.

Following the fashion, the ukulele­driven vintage stylings of the V­Tones of Charleston will keep you on

your toes for a spell. And finally, the Flat Foot Floozies, voted Jazz Band of the Year in the Charleston

City Paper Music Awards in November 2012, will wrap up the night with their 1930s, Tin Pan Alley­style

jazz. All the while, look out for the Roaring 20s Hot Jazz Dance Club as they set the scene on the dance

floor. Attendees, no matter how amateur, are encouraged to cut a rug right alongside these long­time

teachers of swing and lindy hop.

There is a $10 minimum charge at the door, although additional donations are welcome and encouraged.

Stay updated here

● Runaround Sue Vintage Boutique is an online Etsy shop selling clothes with stories to tell. It also

often organizes events celebrating vintage music, in addition to the annual vintage fashion show. It

is owned and operated by Kelly Rae Smith, a Charleston­based freelance writer and vintage

obsessive. Contact Kelly Rae Smith on for more info or images.

● The Tin Roof is a music venue and watering hole located at 1117 Magnolia Road, Charleston, SC


● The V­Tones of Charleston is a local outfit that comprises ukulele, kazoo, whistle, violin, guitar,

and bass antics to produce a “vaudeville pop” kind of party. Stalk them a little more here:

● The Flat Foot Floozies plays old­time jazz, jug band, Tin Pan Alley, swing, blues, and country, and

is comprised of ukulele, kazoo, harmonica, upright bass, guitar, tap dancing, and a little bit of

humor, too. In November, they received the Charleston City Paper’s Music Award for Jazz Band

of the Year..­Foot­Floozies/185008648218551?fref=ts

PRESS: West Of, Feb 11, 2014

PRESS: Charleston City Paper, Feb 11, 2014