Tuesday, 25 March 2014

OOTD: Sky blue and white vintage 60s mini dress with TULIPS? Yes, please.

This Outfit of the Day is brought to you by my grandmother. I have taken quite a few of her old '60s dresses that were formerly really big and shapeless and cut them off to be sassy little mini dresses. I inherited a ton of her vintage clothing, as she never threw a thing away. I'm keeping a ton of it but I have to let go of some, too.

This sky blue and white tulips detail is just one example of the many whimsical patterns, palettes, and textures my grandmother was apparently known to wear. I never knew this side of her, and so I feel that the deeper I have emerged into her wardrobe, the more I have gotten to know her. This is one of the many reasons for my vintage obsession. 

So back to the outfit: White mini '60s dress with blue tulip pattern throughout + a matching short-sleeved overshirt in opposite coloring. I also added some extra color with a two-toned green vintage costume necklace that I adore. 

Pair with some black tights for a very Twiggy look, or if it's hot in your neck of the woods, a fun vintage straw hat will add a lot of Spring to the look. 

 I threw in some sweet white gloves that are not vintage but look it all the same, and they give it a great touch for nighttime shenanigans. The dress will be up on Etsy here soon and you can snag that purse for yourself right now if you fancy! 

What's your favorite component of this ensemble?