Monday, 31 March 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Lately, I am obsessed with vintage Mexican finds. From handpainted circle skirts to full-circle dresses too, it's all too pretty to be true. Seriously: these babies are unrivaled works of art. What could compare to intricately illustrated scenes complete with sequins and bursting with color?

A peruse on eBay has me yearning for a lottery win (these vintage beauties are understandably pricey) or a road trip to the Southwest and Mexico to empty every thrift store in sight. *sigh* 

Until then, you can daydream with me. Here's a collection of beautiful vintage Mexican finds that will inspire your Cinco de Mayo attire. It's over a month away but to find the best, you gotta look now! 

Here are some fun vintage Mexican/Southwestern finds I've had in the shop in the past. Hope this inspires your digs over the next few weeks♥kel rae