Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sole magic...

Why would someone want the kinds of things that sit in some secondhand shop for a fiver that are old, worn and tired? Who are these people and why are they paying for something that's been on the very personal side of someone else's feet or head? Who wore it before? There's no way of knowing, it could have been anyone.

Well that's just it. The mystery is the magic. Those threads may not have the most fragrant of scents and an old pair of shoes may not even be comfy but the fuzzy feeling inside certainly is for vintage consumers. Imagining who that person was and where those shoes have taken them is a part of history they can own for themselves that sets them apart from the clones of mall shoppers everywhere.

The shopper who owned those thrift store specials could have graced Carnaby Street or an Otis Redding gig half a century ago. Anyone, anywhere could have adorned those seasoned soles or that A-line skirt and if your imagination is on your side, there's no telling who you could conjure up.

Go to www.runaroundsuevintage.etsy.com and then, imagine it's 1964...
Photo thanks to Mandy O'Connor