Friday, 4 February 2011

Just sew you know

As February rains in (yes, it's been literally raining nonstop) I am excited to begin month two of Runaround Sue's official reign. It has been a long time coming.

I have always, always loved older clothes more than current trends, older music more than contemporary. I bought the occasional classic dress or necklace from an old favorite, Granny's Goodies in Charleston, SC many years ago. And I listened to a lot of Elvis. But it was moving to Scotland that really allowed this love to flourish unashamed. I met like-minded people - danced with them at retro club nights, shopped with them at the various local vintage shops. I got a record player and off went my record collection. Soared it did. I was enamoured by it all, the ability to be myself and really just pretend I actually existed in the eras I much preferred to this one. There's also so much pop culture from Britain that is fascinating - like the mods versus rockers conflicts of the 60s. I was so taken by this history, the subculture, the lifestyle, the obsessions, and the reality that they still exist (thank God) that I wrote my thesis on mods. They're just so damn dapper. And their taste in music is plain perfect.

Anyway this shop has been a daydream for about 5 years at least. I have more daydreams of a real live shop but this etsy online one shall do for now. What's a better job than doing what I already love, which is trawling through thrift stores and yard sales and the like plucking from them things that I think are awesome, things that I think other people should re-treasure?

The downside? This pic is an example of the dangers of marrying your passion with your means of making money. Cute shirt huh? Yeah don't I know it. I ain't selling that, shoot!