Tuesday, 15 February 2011

FUR real: The Fox Fur is dead. May she rest in peace

Anyone who saw me anywhere between 2006 and December 2010 will remember The Fox Fur (see it?--->). Some of you said I am not myself without it. One friend begged me to never get rid of it, ever. I remember about a year ago when I realised its rapid decline in awesomeness as the fur fell apart and the wool looked like a set of cats got a hold of it, and I thought 'CRAP how will I live without this too-good-to-be-true vintage coat'? It was camel colored, a big heavy wool thing with a massive fox fur collar. So sixties. I found it in a thrift store for $20 just before I moved back to Scotland and I knew that this baby would see me through plenty of Scottish winters. It was like a BLANKET.

But as I arrived in NYC two months ago en route from the UK to the South, I looked down and declared that I looked Homeless. Not Homeless Sheik (is that a Thing?). Homeless. Somehow I managed to take this coat that someone had kept so well preserved for at least FIFTY years and I totally ruined it in the span of FOUR. But damn, did I look good doin' it!

Okay so right now, I believe somewhere in Queens, NYC there is a homeless man wearing my homeless man coat, and he is WARM. And he looks GOOD. But NOW lookie here what I got. Found this puppy on a road trip back from the beach a couple of weeks ago. The color? Camel. The price? $20. The fur? Rabbit, I believe. A fine replacement? Oh yes. Meant to be?? Of course.

So you better believe that while I entered this store on a mission for Runaround Sue, I walked out with some finds for MYSELF. Not going for sale, no way no how. Including The Fox's replacement. Friends, I give you...The Rabbit. And it's also great because it makes me sing that Jenny Lewis song Rabbit Fur Coat. So lots of hells yeahs all around.

The Fox Fur shall be missed, but it got me through FIVE Scottish winters. And that's a feat, because a Scottish winter lasts most of the year! RIP FF xo