Monday, 21 February 2011

The Southern Setup

How lucky am I? I honed my love of vintage in the beautiful setting of Edinburgh, Scotland for five years. Lucky lucky lucky me:) It's still a second home and I tear up at the thought of the place. But then I got home to South Carolina and THIS is where it's at as well. Not only do I have SO MANY amazing vintage sources here that I may have to sell my bed to have a place for my wardrobe and stock, but would you look at this picture? Would you lookie here please? It is February, and it is warm,and this is unheard of for someone who has lived in cold climates for many years. Here in this photo you will find not only my office (you heard me - my office - lucky me lucky me lucky me - and natural light is the best, yes?) but also my four favorite things about the South 1. Front Porch (with something to sit and swing on nonetheless) 2. Sunshine 3. Sweet Iced Tea 4. Warm Southern Breezes. Well you can't SEE the breeze but it's there, sugar, it's there - just as sure as there's a drawl when I say 'Carolina'. The doggie is Schnookums. She's Runaround Sue's mascot. She likes the breeze too xo