Sunday, 15 May 2011

NO way NO how: The four new loves of my life

Two days ago, I happened upon four beautiful gems. Here's how I found them!

There's one thrift store in town that I only get to around twice a month. The new manager is a girl after my own heart - she saw me a few weeks ago for the first time and immediately directed me to the just-arrived Western shirts in the back. She's pickin' up what I'm puttin' down. She gets it. Well when I walked in on Friday she excitedly told me of a new donation of vintage dresses: not yet for sale, still smelling of mildew and Febreezing as we spoke! I followed her, turned the corner and beheld some stunning works of art before me. She had hung them in order of her favorites. I took the first four, and couldn't even wait to get them home to try them on. I fit into two just fine but the other two would require some brief starvation - totally worth it! Those darn vintage waistlines. Won't be the first or the last time I'll diet myself into a darling piece of fashion history. Worth it worth it worth it!

So here they are. I may bring myself to sell one of them in the shop but not quite sure if I will. I have always found 50s dresses in vintage shops of course but have never come across anything like this on a normal day of thrifting. I think they're treasures. They're from my favorite era, and I don't think I can let them go. Sorry y'all!