Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pin curls for retro girls

Inspired by a feature done last week by the adorable Mrs Amber Apple about her pin curling (while wearing a Runaround Sue Vintage blouse!), my friend and fellow foodie/craft-lover/dare-taker decided to pin-curl last evening and document our pincurling experiences with some pics!

My hair is probably way too long for a really good head full of pin curls but I love it anyway. I'm feeling quite fabulous and girly walking about with my curls bouncing over my new-to-me 50s polka dot dress! On top of that it's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Sunday morning, I'm having a delicious 3rd cup of coffee, and getting ready for my usual Sunday afternoon of super-thrifting. Yay!

My pin curls and I:

And yes that there dress is from the previous blog post regarding new loves of my life. I am having a ball today as I realize this is probably the first time it's been worn in 50 years, and I imagine She would be proud to know I'm bringing it back to life, with pin curls no less ♥


Rachel, the perfect dress and her amazing curlage: